..with careful use of rhythm, dynamics and accents, he adapts the expression to the conditions that each movement, yes each phrase, provides. The characters of the Allemande, the Courant and the other baroque dances are in place, but when given the opportunity (In the Sarabandes), Sivelöv also releases an endless longing towards a romantic spirit. 
Tobias Lund Sydsvenskan
Det er abstrakt og vildt. Der er temperament i mødet. (…) Det er en betagende og tumultarisk oplevelse at lytte til de musikalske begavelser og egoer.” Jazznyt
★ ★ ★ ★
dén er altså god. Ivan Rod
Face to Face
Lina Johnson soprano
Anne-Marie Lipsonen piano
5 stars
”The result is music that is so fine and fragile that you are almost ashamed to embrace it with your hungry ears.”
Tobias Lund (Sydsvenskan, October 17, 2019)